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Auto Appraiser FAQ's


Q. Why do I need to appraise my car? I know what it's worth.

A. Recent, professional effective certified value appraisals of market value provide an un-biased opinion. This is required by institutions like banks, credit unions, insurance companies, etc. Accurate appraisal valuation services assess and document your car's value that is usable in many ways; to buy/sell, secure insurance coverage, loan collateral, resolve settlement disputes, provide documented value if your car is hit, etc. Appraisals are often used in legal situations like, bankruptcy, divorce, IRS tax issues, charitable donations, and estates. Then there are issues like automobile diminished value, quality of repair, implied warranty, dealer misrepresentation, etc. in any of these, and many other situations, the recovery of a fair market value easily justifies the reasonable fees involved.

Q. Can you give an appraisal without seeing my vehicle?

A. Yes. This is our number one question and can best be answered by the following excerpt from the "Letter from the President" dated 7/2/2001. Mr. David Maloney is President of the Association of On-Line Appraisers. Quote Mr. Maloney;

  • "While it is true that a personal inspection of the property is ideal, often it is not possible. Indeed even the traditional vehicle appraiser is often faced with performing appraisal valuation services without having examined the property. Such would be the case if an item were stolen or lost in a fire. So, appraising property sight unseen is nothing new.
  • The on-line appraiser, just like the traditional appraiser, must recognize that the appraisal assignment is one being done based on 'limiting conditions'. Limiting conditions are circumstances or conditions that could effect the appraisal development process and, possibly, the appraisers opinions or analyses. The primary limiting condition with car appraisal online is that the property is not available for inspection.
  • As does the traditional appraiser when valuing property that has been lost or stolen, the on-line appraiser bases value conclusions strictly on client provided information such as verbal or written descriptions, sketches, photographs, etc. basing a conclusion on such information requires the certified appraiser to be adequately satisfied that the information being provided is accurate". End of Quote

Q. How do I pay for your services?

A. We give you several options, PayPal, money orders or cashier's checks, Business Checks. These can be sent FedEx, overnight mail, or regular post. Depending on your time frame, you can choose the method that serves you best.

Q. How long, after I submit my information, photos and payment, does it take for me to receive my appraisal?

A. Usually, depending on our work load, we are able to e-mail your appraisal within 48 hours. Most valuation appraisals are completed on a "48 hour" basis. We make every effort to return your appraisal as quickly as possible. Naturally hard copies snail mailed take a few days.

Q. What experience/qualifications qualify you to appraise my car?

A. Over 23 years in business appraising all makes and types of vehicles, Being a buyer of over 3000 units for Auto Dealerships, Certified Mechanic, 5 years on-line. Extensive experience as a "Court Tested" expert witness in auto related cases. Umpire/Arbitration experience, pre-purchase appraisal services throughout the country. Appraiser to banks, credit unions, attorneys, insurance agents, museums, etc. Experience in restoration, performance modifications, customizing, body and paint, all types repair. Specialties include late models, classics, antiques, customs, street rods show cars, muscle cars, and replica 's (Kit cars). We have appraised everything from the "Batmobile" to antique Fire Engines.

Q. What is diminished value?

A. With Car Fax, and other vehicle data base records. You could have 2 identical cars. One with no accidents the other with an accident on its record. The vehicle with a branded accident record is worth significantly less $1000-$15,000 LESS on a sale or trade-in depending on the vehicle. ***The insurance company owes you that loss money*** "they will never bring it up to you its up to you to contact us to prepare a proper appraisal in order to get you the money due to you, "and we will or we will not charge you a dime"

Q.What do certified Benchmark appraisal services cost?

A. We offer several levels appraisals

  • Online auto appraisal services with certificate of opinion (approx. 9 pages with pictures) call for free quote 716-523-6999.
  • Physical onsite Certified and notarized appraisal (approx. 15 pages plus certificate and photos) up to 50 miles travel included call for free quote 716-523-6999.
  • Pre-lease turn in Physical onsite Certified and notarized appraisal (approx. 15 pages plus certificate and photos) up to 50 miles travel included call for free quote 716-523-6999.. This is a must for people that lease. Leasing companies make large profits by charging customers hundreds of dollars for reconditioning expense. This service will save you any overcharges when turning in your leased vehicle.
  • Pre-purchase inspection and appraisal (onsite). This is a must when purchasing any used vehicle we give condition, mechanical opinion and car appraisal form. In many cases we have save buyers over $1000.00+ off the price by pointing out imperfections to the seller and save you hundreds of dollars in future repairs (approx. 15 pages plus certificate and photos) up to 50 miles travel included call for free quote 716-523-6999..
  • Vehicle diminished value 15% of what we get you from the insurance company. For minimum fee and travel included call for free quote 716-523-6999 (approx. 15 pages plus certificate and photos).

Boats and heavy equipment (call 716-523-6999 for pricing) Please contact us for a FREE Quote or any questions